Sabbatical and Difference-In-Pay Leaves

Faculty who are employed full time for 6 years (including service credit given at the time of hire) will be eligible to apply for Sabbatical or Difference in Pay leave. A full time faculty member may also apply for a Difference in Pay leave 3 years after a previous sabbatical. Faculty must fulfill certain terms or conditions to be eligible for consideration, which are outlined below in the University's official Sabbatical Policy and Difference in Pay Policy.

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Sabbatical and DIP Reports


Anne Goldman - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Amy Kittelstrom - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Daniel Soto - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Diana Grant - Sabbatical Spring 2021

Diane Parness - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Don Romesburg - Sabbatical Spring 2021

Edward Lyon - Sabbatical Spring 2021

Glenn Brassington - Sabbatical Spring 2021

Karen Thompson - Sabbatical Spring 2021

Samuel Cohen - Sabbatical Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Scott Horstein - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Sean Place - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Susan Herring - Sabbatical Fall 2020

Laura A. Watt - DIP Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Suzanne Rivoire - DIP Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Vincent Richman - Fall 2020


Jennifer Roberson, Art & Art History

Daniel Malpica, Chicano and Latino Studies - No Report Submitted

Emily Acosta-Lewis, Communication & Media Studies

Kim Hester-Williams, English

Jeffrey Reeder, Modern Languages & Literature - No Report Submitted

Michaela Grobbel, Modern Languages & Literature

Carmen Works, Chemistry - No Report Submitted

Steve Estes, History

Janet Hess, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Joshua Glasgow, Philosophy


Lauren Morimoto, Kinesiology - No Report Submitted

Jennifer Shaw, Art & Art History

Marco Calavita, Communication & Media Studies

Merlin Hanauer, Economics - No Report Submitted

Charles Elster, Early Childhood Studies

Mark Perri, Chemistry

Ali A. Kooshesh, Computer Science - No Report Submitted

Margaret Purser, Anthropology - No Report Submitted

Rheyna Laney, Geography & Global Studies

Melinda Milligan, Sociology - No Report Submitted

David Horowitz, Business Administration

Stephen Bittner, HIstory -No Report Submitted