Salary & Working Conditions

Union Information

CSU Faculty are represented by the California Faculty Association (CFA) and are part of Collective Bargaining Unit 3.

Update: The 2014-2017 Contract (extended to 2020) has been added to the CFA website.

CSU Faculty Benefits

All Sonoma State faculty are part of the California State University (CSU) system and are considered Unit 3 Faculty, which means all Unit 3 Faculty receive benefits from the CSU. The CSU is committed to offering benefit plans that provide faculty employees with options to choose the right level of coverage to help manage individual wellness and retirement needs. 

To find out more about the benefits including medical, dental, vision, retirement, savings and leave programs formation, see the Unit 3 Benefit Summary.

CSU Faculty follow the Unit 3 Salary Schedule officially distributed by the Office of the Chancellor.

Mandatory Reporting

All CSU Faculty are mandated reporters and as such are required to report any incidences of discrimination or inappropriate behavior to Sarah Clegg, Director of Title IX and HR Compliance Services, at (707) 664-2480, and Faculty Affairs at (707) 664-2192.

Disruptive Students

If you are a faculty member dealing with a disruptive student, please read the university policy on Disruptive Student Behavior and contact Greg Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer, at (707) 664-2838.


For discrimination-related complaints, contact Sarah Clegg, Director of Title IX and HR Compliance Services, at (707) 664-2480.