Faculty Campus Clearance Guidelines

When Faculty voluntarily resign from the University, complete their participation in the FERP, or retire, the campus clearance process must be completed.

For further information or questions regarding this process, please call Faculty Affairs at (707)664-2192.

Campus Clearance Process Flow

Clearance Steps - Before Last Day

1. Faculty

  • Notify the Dean, Department Chair and Faculty Affairs of intention to resign or retire, this may be done via email or letter
  • Update mailing address in self service for W-2 to be sent at a later date
  • Fill out the online Departing Employee Info Form and print the resulting Employee Clearance Checklist

2. Administrative Manager

  • Provide employee with the separation guidelines
  • Notify Faculty Affairs of employee's intention of separation
  • Forward employee's written resignation to Faculty Affairs
  • Start departmental clearance process

3. Faculty Affairs

  • Confirm separation with employee and appropriate administrator
  • Process separation
  • Conduct exit interview, if requested

Last Day of Employment

4. Appropriate Administrator

  • Collect department properties, such as laptop
  • Forward phone and emails, setup "out of office" messages
  • Transfer departmental information to shared drive from employee desktop
  • Sign Employee Campus Clearance Form, Department Section

5. Employee

  • Go to Seawolf Service Center in person
  • Return university keys, parking permit, and employee ID card
  • Stop payroll deduction for parking permit
  • Submit to Faculty Affairs the completed Employee Campus Clearance form

Campus Clearance Responsibilities

I. It is the responsibilities of the departing employee to:

  • Provide written notification of intent to resign to Dean, Department Chair and Faculty Affairs. This may be done either via email or letter.
  • Submit online Departing Employee Information Form to start the campus clearance process.
  • Submit the final Absence Report for approval at least 72 hours prior to the last day of employment, if applicable.
  • Coordinate with the school Administrative Manager or designee to return department properties and forward information to appropriate parties when necessary.
  • Communicate with pertinent campus departments to arrange for the return of University property, including keys, parking permit, procurement cards and library materials.
  • Update mailing address or forwarding address via self-service for W-2 purpose.
  • Schedule an optional in-person exit interview with AVP For Faculty Affairs.
  • Cancel payroll deductions for parking in person at Seawolf Service Center.
  • Print out, sign and submit the completed Employee Campus Clearance Checklist to Faculty Affairs on the last day of employment.

II. The Administrative Manager (or designee) of the departing employee should:

  • Contact Faculty Affairs upon receiving employee’s notice of his/her intent to separate.
  • Forward employee’s written resignation to Faculty Affairs as soon as possible.
  • Direct employee to the on-line Campus Clearance Form.
  • Submit final Absence Report, if applicable.
  • Work with the departing employee to forward phone and email. Transfer all necessary information from employee’s desktop. Set up “out of office” message for employee’s voicemail and email (as necessary).
  • Terminate employee’s access to any department subscription or third-party systems. Employee’s email and PeopleSoft access will be automatically terminated upon separation.
  • Remind the employee to return the following items on or before their last day of work:
    • Departmental properties (e.g., laptop)
    • Procurement card (ProCard)
    • University keys
    • University parking permit
    • Employee Identification card
  • Prior to employee’s last day of work, ensure that all departmental obligations are met.
  • Complete the Campus Clearance Form - Department Section.

III. Faculty Affairs will:

  • Schedule an in-person exit interview upon request. Exit interview will provide an opportunity for the employee to communicate his/her views about the job, the department, and the University.
  • Provide information and necessary forms for COBRA, retirement plan, and/or final wages.
  • Review signed Campus Clearance Form and complete separation transaction

IV. Pertinent Campus Departments:

Submission of employee’s online departing form will trigger notification to pertinent campus departments. It is the responsibilities of these departments to follow up with the employee to collect university properties and information needed to process employee’s separation.

Seawolf Services will be responsible for collecting university keys, employee ID card, and parking permit. Upon receiving these items, Employee Campus Clearance Form will be signed by a Seawolf Service Representative.