Contract Courses

Internship, Special Studies and Volunteer Forms

This page is where you will find agreement forms for Internship, Special Studies and Volunteer Courses. Please do not use these forms for any other type of supervision courses you may be taking. Please refer to the specific department for requirements in signing up for their internship, special study or volunteer course. Students are allowed to take up to a maximum of eight units of undergraduate special study coursework under a particular subject and twelve units overall. Students are allowed up to six units of credit for Volunteer courses.

Please Save to Desktop the form in order to fill out and sign them digitally. Work with your department to complete the form and obtain the necessary signatures. Once completed with signatures, turn in the original copy to the Scheduling Office, Salazar Hall by the Add/Drop period or email to the Academic Affairs Scheduler. Make sure to keep a copy of the form for your records.

Internship Form

Special Study Form

Volunteer Form