All Faculty

The California Faculty Association represents the Sonoma State Faculty (Unit 3). The union contract covers all wages, working conditions, protections and benefits. Tenured Professors, Tenure Track Professors, Lecturers, Librarians, Counselors, and Coaches are all considered Faculty under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. All of these individuals may get help and support through the Faculty Affairs office. A Personnel Action File (PAF) is maintained in Faculty Affairs for all Unit 3 personnel. It contains every individual’s official file for hire, evaluation, promotion, and review.

Any individual who is working directly with SSU students in an academic capacity must be identified as either a paid employee or a volunteer. Faculty Affairs will work with the departments and schools to identify the appropriate classification for all Faculty.

The Emeritus status is granted to Faculty who have worked for Sonoma State at least 10 years and retire from Sonoma State. Faculty who participate in the Faculty Early Retirement Program will receive Emeritus status at the completion of the program.

The office of Faculty Affairs encourages a healthy work-life balance. For more information about the Employee Assistance Program visit the Payroll & Benefits website.