Graduation Initiative 2025

An ambitious initiative created by the California State University (CSU) System, the Graduation Initiative works to increase graduation rates for all CSU students, while eliminating equity gaps. The initiative focuses on two goals:

  • Raising the overall 6-year and 4-year graduation rates of CSU students.
  • Eliminating the existing equity gap between underrepresented CSU students (URMs) and non-underrepresented CSU students (non-URMs).

As Sonoma State University is one of the 23 California universities in the CSU system, we are proud to help fulfill CSU’s Graduation Initiative 2025 and ensure that:

  • Every student at SSU graduates in a timely manner according to their personal goals.
  • Every student at SSU positively impacts their future.
  • Our academic faculty, staff and leadership produces the graduates needed to power California and the nation.

The goals of Graduation Initiative 2025 require Sonoma State University to consistently measure student success outcomes and continually improve graduation rates of our students. The Graduation Initiative 2025 Preliminary Progress Update for October 2021 is now available for review and the Sonoma State Equity Progress Report from February 2021 states that Sonoma State is predicted to be within range of closing its URM gap in 2025.