New Degree Programs

New Degree Programs


Important: Proposals for new programs can take up to 2 years to implement. (1) First a brief program projection must be approved by the CSU Board of Trustees to be included on the Academic Master Plan (requires department and college approval) and (2) the full degree program proposals must be approved by the campus and the Chancellor's Office.

Step By Step Explanation

Step 1: As soon as you know your department is considering proposing a new degree, please contact Academic Programs to discuss the proposal process and timelines.

Step 2: Degree Projection on Academic Master Plan Approval by Board of Trustees.
Submit a Projected Degree Proposal to add a projected program to the campus Academic Master Plan (AMP).

  • Complete the Projected Proposal Template for the AMP. These are due to the Chancellor's Office on January 8, 2021. If approved, they will be placed on the agenda of the March Board of Trustees meeting for their approval (March 23-24, 2021).
  • Once the Projected Degree Proposal received Board of Trustees approval, the campus has five years in which to develop and submit the full proposal.
  • For reference, view the Current CSU Academic Master Plan: Campus Academic Plans
  • For reference, view the CSU Degree Database Reports
  • Proposal Submission: Once your proposal is complete, upload the Projected Proposal Template for the AMP to a New Program Proposal in Curriculog.

Step 3: Submit a full degree program proposal for campus approval.

Required items to be submitted in proposal:

  • Please be sure that you complete the section in your proposal in Curriculog for Rationale and make sure that your statement addresses:
    • Why this degree program is necessary and distinct from other degrees/programs
    • Why would you like to propose this degree program now (address EO 1071)
    • How this degree program addresses strategic enrollment managment (school and or institutional)
    • How this degree program aligns with the institutional mission and strategic plan
  • Please be sure you complete the section in your proposal in Curriculog for Demand and address:
    • Potential student demand in area and beyond
    • Existing programs in CSU and elsewhere and how we would be competitive
    • Potential employment opportunities and demand for graduates
  • Please be sure to complete the section in your proposal in Curriculog on Assessment
    • The assessment plan describes how the program faculty assess how well the program's outcomes and goals are met, not just that each student's work is evaluated (this is feedback for and about the program, not for the student).
    • The assessment plan describes a regular cycle of collecting and evaluating evidence: how program learning outcomes are assessed and when.
  • Please attach a Curriculum Map to your proposal in Curriculog
    • Please list and describe the learning outcomes.
    • Include mapping between courses and outcomes and where those outcomes will be assessed.
  • Please complete the Enrollment and Budget Projection Template (link below) and attach to your proposal in Curriculog.
    • Please make sure the projections align with described demand.

Step 4: Approval of New Degree

  • The following proposals require approval from the Chancellor's Office:
    • New baccalaureate or master's degree
    • New subplan/concentration
    • New Site Location, Program Modality or Program Source
  • When your new degree program has been approved, you will receive a notification from the appropriate administrator in the Graduate or Undergraduate Studies.
  • Academic Programs will contact you to review and finalize your final catalog copy and any other necessary steps to implement the program.
  • When the program is approved, the Academic Programs will create an Academic Plan in PeopleSoft and work with the appropriate campus offices to include the program in CalState Apply.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact Academic Programs for any questions or updates on the process as the program is implemented.

More CSU Resources for New Degree Programs

New Degree Programs - (Fast Track)

  • The Projected Degree Proposal and the fully developed New Degree proposals are submitted at the same time.
  • The Projected Degree proposal must be approved by the Board of Trustees before the fully developed proposal may be evaluated.
  • Campuses may submit on January 8, 2021 or on June 14, 2021. 
  • A new degree program may be approved on the Fast Track if and only if it:
    • can be offered at a high level of quality within existing resources or is demonstrably self-supporting;
    • is not subject to specialized accreditation;
    • can be adequately housed without a major capital outlay project;
    • is consistent with all existing state, federal, and trustee's policies;
    • is at the Bachelor's or Master's level;
    • has been subject to a thorough campus review and approval process.

A. Bachelor's degrees

1. Formal Program Approval (Full proposal required)

a. Review/Recommend/Approval: School, Academic Programs, EPC, Senate, President, Chancellor's Office, CSU Trustees, CPEC
b. Timeline:

Full Implementation (August)--Campus process completed by December 15
Limited Implementation (January)--Campus process completed by June 1

B. Master's degrees

Same process as Bachelor's degrees with the addition that Graduate Studies reviews before EPC

Please see Fast Track and Pilot Programs 1997 Policy Memo (PDF) and Procedures for Fast-Track Degree Programs (DOC)