Third Year

Focus on Your Future

Congrats, Third Years! You’re well on your way to achieving your academic goals at Sonoma State and you are almost there. This year brings you that much closer to graduation! But before you start planning your final year, it’s important to set yourself up for academic success in your third year. Being a third year student at SSU, means you are at a critical juncture in your academic progress.

This is the year where:

  • You can hone in on your academic passions, skills, talents and interested and develop those.
  • You are eligible to complete the WEPT or enroll in a WIC course, meeting this requirement is an essential step to timely graduation.
  • You can develop stronger, 1-on-1 relationships with faculty, staff, advisors, educators and mentors.
  • You can narrow in on your major(s) and minor(s), academic track and degree prospects.
  • You can shadow professionals in your field, industry or profession through internship or mentoring programs to decide on your own career path.
  • Start fresh on Sonoma State campus as a transfer or international student and gain new perspectives, a world class experience and learn from the best of the best.