Chair assigned time after academic reorganization

Simone Aloisio, Interim AVP Faculty Affairs and Success and Mike Ogg, AVP Academic Resources
January 18, 2024

The Academic Planning, Assessment, and Resource Committee (APARC) began looking at Department Chair funding formulas in AY21-22. As part of the APARC recommendation, four models were offered for consideration. The recommendations can be found in Appendix A. Please note that these recommendations are for Chair assigned time only. This does not include program-related assigned time such as graduate program coordination, program review, credential coordinators, etc. As these activities are outside of the scope of the structural reorganization project, assigned-time guidelines will be developed later in the spring 2024 semester. Accordingly, faculty governance committees (e.g. Graduate Studies Subcommittee) are asked to review any existing guidelines and submit recommendations for changes to the Provost by March 1, 2024.

Now that the academic reorganization has been announced, the strategy to fund Chairs is based on version 1 of the APARC Recommendations shared in 2021-22. This version prioritizes the number of majors in each area as the basis for the recommended assigned time. 

The recommendations listed below are based on the APARC Recommendations and rounded up to the nearest full course. Individual Chair assigned time can be found in Appendix B.  

Overall, this recommendation reduces assigned time for Chairs by 39 WTUs, resulting in $159,000 in salary and benefit savings. Some of these WTUs will be redeployed for Department Coordinators. Assigned time, general duties, responsibilities, and reporting requirements for Department Coordinators will be provided on March 8, 2024. Department Coordinator units and eligibility will be re-evaluated every year and modified as necessary. Any summer Chair or Coordinator work will be addressed separately as needed by the Deans.