New SEIE Courses

New courses in the School of Extended and International Education

The complete policy regarding courses and programs in SEIE can be found here.

Specific information about courses taken from the policy:

  1. All Chancellor’s Office Executive Orders will apply to courses and programs offered through SEIE.
  2. Non-academic credit-bearing courses offered by SEIE may award certification of particular skills, or certificates of completion. Documents attesting to these awards must clearly specify the nature of the award in order to avoid confusion with the award of a degree.
  3. Each time it offers a course, SEIE shall consider: the appropriateness of intended sites and facilities; the qualifications, teaching interests, and availability of SSU faculty members in the appropriate disciplines; and the qualifications, teaching interests, and availability of faculty for the course. 
  4. The department Chair pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement must approve instructors who teach SEIE academic courses offered for University credit (CBA).
  5. Credit-bearing courses offered through SEIE shall be evaluated in the same manner as courses offered through state support as outlined by the SSU Curriculum Guide.  Copies of said evaluations will follow the same process as state-offered courses.

Use this link to view the process of approval for courses in SEIE.