Adobe Sign FAQ's

General FAQ

  • Why is SSU using Adobe Sign? 

    • While other products do provide similar services, Adobe Sign is the electronic form and signature application that has been vetted and designated for CSU use by the Chancellor’s Office. 

  • How do I access Adobe Sign?

    • Adobe Sign can be accessed at Your SSU LDAP is needed in order to login. For a step by step guide, please see our Logging in to Adobe Sign tutorial. If you are still unable to access Adobe Sign, it may not have been enabled for your account. Please contact the IT Help Desk in order to have Sign enabled. 

  • How do I get my forms ready for use in Adobe Sign?

    • Fillable PDFs are the best format for uploading a form to Adobe Sign. Once you have access to Sign, you will be able to directly upload your PDF forms to Sign and perform any necessary changes within Sign’s own form editor. More information on that process can be found on our Preparing a Form in Adobe Sign tutorial.

  • Where can I get training and support for Adobe Sign? 

  • I don't understand how to fill out a form I've received from Adobe Sign. 

    • Please see our tutorial on Signing a Form in Adobe Sign. If you need further assistance, please contact the form owner in order to receive guidance on how to complete the form. 

  • What if I am not the right person to sign a form I've received?

    • You can indicate within Adobe Sign that you are the incorrect person to sign the form. Please see Step 5 of our tutorial on Signing a Form in Adobe Sign. You may also contact the sender directly in order to notify them that they have routed the form incorrectly.

If you did not see an answer to your question, please check our Tutorials page, or head over to Adobe's Sign Support site

Adobe Sign Terminology

  • "Agreement"

    • You will see the term "agreement" used to describe the document(s) you send and receive in Adobe Sign. Why call it an agreement? You can think of an "agreement" as a virtual inter-office envelope into which you’re placing your form and documents for routing. The agreement may contain one or more documents (like your form, form instructions, or multiple forms) to be routed to your recipients.

  • "Template"

    • Templates in Adobe Sign are documents that can be used over and over again. For our purposes, templates are essentially forms that have been converted for use by multiple users, multiple times in Adobe Sign. Templates are used in conjunction with Workflows in Adobe Sign to create standardized routing and approval for commonly-used agreements.

  • "Workflow"

    • A "workflow" is a way of specifying how an agreement is routed. Workflows enable form designers to pre-define roles of users who will fill out a form, and provide them up-front to the form sender. Each workflow in Adobe Sign requires at least 1 Template to be associated with it. Workflows are created & managed by Adobe Sign administrators in the Account > Workflow tab. 

  • "Signer"

    • A “signer” in Adobe Sign is anyone who has been assigned to provide information in a document. That information could be a signature or something else, such as an employee or department name, an effective date, a phone number, or any other information that needs input on a form.