Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Working Group

Established to serve the Provost in an advisory and consultative capacity, the Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Working Group is focused on addressing matters regarding the amount, structure, and distribution of the budget for Academic Affairs, while maintaining the clear connection between the budget and the University's Strategic Plan priorities and core values. The work of the Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Working Group culminated in a final report and recommendations to the provost, shared on April 21, 2022. 

Why is this group different from other working groups or task forces?

This group was formed to recommend creative and innovative solutions for solving the budget deficit with the input of faculty, staff, and administrators. Rather than doing across-the-board reductions, the group is looking strategically at the entire Academic Affairs division to see what solutions could have a positive and long-lasting impact on the division and University. The group’s priorities are to examine the current structure and practices within the division and propose ideas that will help with the deficit while also improving hiring and scheduling practices and increasing enrollment by allowing for more interdisciplinarity and collaboration.

What are the deliverables for this working group?

Upon completion, the Provost will receive formal recommendations for budget allocations that are consistent with University and Division priorities. In addition, the Working Group will propose strategies to address budget shortfalls in a consistent and equitable manner.

What is the problem this group is trying to solve?

Academic Affairs must reduce expenses by $5.5M in 2022-23. Along with that short-term goal, this working group is looking to eliminate our structural deficit.

How can I learn more about the budget deficit?

The working group has assembled several presentations related to the deficit and its effects.













Additionally, more information can be found in the Budget Forum archives.

Who can I contact if I have questions or suggestions?

You can reach out to your School Representative on the AABAWG with any questions. You can also suggest ideas or give feedback on the budget anonymously via this Google Form