Initiatives & Projects

Graduation Initiative 2025

One of 23 universities in the California State University (CSU) system, Sonoma State University is proud to fulfill CSU’s ambitious initiative “Graduation Initiative 2025”, aimed at increasing graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating equity gaps.

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Early Start Initiative

In addition to adopting CSU’s Grad Initiative 2025, Sonoma State has also embraced CSU’s “Early Start Initiative,” which mandates that all incoming CSU students get the help they need in English and math before their first semester at college.

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Accreditation is academia’s quality assurance system. In the U.S., private, non-profit accrediting organizations take on the herculean effort of accrediting schools and universities by evaluating their overall faculty, resources, curriculum, competency, and credibility. Sonoma State University is proud to be an accredited institution since 1969.

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