Schedule of Classes

The Academic Scheduling Office oversees the building of the schedule of classes within PeopleSoft/MySSU.  The Academic Scheduling Office works in conjunction with each of the school schedulers/departments, giving them a timeline with which to have the schedule built by so the schedule can go live two weeks prior to registration beginning. The schedule is audited for use of standard modules (meeting patterns), correct hours for classes, and that departments schedule no more than 50% of their classes during the prime time hours of 10a – 2p M-TH.  Departments need to request permission from the Academic Scheduling Office to schedule a class in a non-standard meeting pattern.

Once the schedule is built, including priority scheduling for ADA issues and prescheduling of labs, art and  music studios, performance spaces, etc, it is exported over to 25Live, a room scheduling software, so that rooms can be assigned to the general lecture classes with the Optimizer tool. The Optimizer uses three main pieces of criteria for the room assignments. 1) the enrollment cap of each section 2) building prioritization chosen by each department 3) room characteristics attached to the sections, which include desk type and type of technology.  With these three criteria, the tool will place as many sections into rooms as possible and these room assignments are then exported back to PeopleSoft.  The Academic Scheduling Office will work with the school schedulers to find rooms for those classes not assigned to a room by the Optimizer.

The Academic Scheduling Office also works with departments to create and edit requisites to use during the registration process.  These can be permanent requisites attached to the course in the course catalog or temporary requisites that are attached directly to a section within the schedule of classes.

Below is a link to a document containing all of the standard meeting times. The second link is to a document that lists each classroom and the basic technology in each.

Class Meeting Times

Classroom Technology