Graduate Programs

The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to providing graduate students with all the resources they need to achieve their academic goals of mastery in a specific field of study. Our graduate programs are designed to provide graduate students with opportunities for independent study and research in order to broaden intellectual and creative capacity. Developed with the working professional in mind, programs are structured to allow for part-time enrollment, offer advantages to work closely with faculty and peers, and promote close supervision in culminating projects. 

News & Announcements

Graduation: On behalf of the Office of Graduate Studies, congratulations to the class of 2020!

Graduation with Departmental Distinction: The Office of Gradaute Studies would like to congratulate the following graduate students who have earned the honor of graduating with the class of 2020 with Departmental Distinction, demonstrating that they have gone above and beyond during their time at SSU:

  • Haleigh Anderson (Public Administration)
  • Nancy Bucey (Nursing)
  • Breanne Cassells (English)
  • Jennifer Dant (English)
  • Dawn Garcia (Nursing)
  • Yasmeen Ghavamian (Biology)
  • David House (Computer Engineering Science)
  • Holly Molinaro (Biology)
  • Matthew Rosi (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Saumya Saxena (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Alexis Shiffer (Nursing)
  • Eric Soto (English)
  • Emily Sperou (Biology)
  • Anthony Tercero (Biology)
  • Han Ni Kaililah Tran (Nursing)
  • Matthew Wells (Public Administration)
  • Brooke Wrisley (English)

Graduate Studies Outstanding Research Award: The Office of Graduate Studies would like to recognize the exceptional work of the two recipients of this award for the 2020 Virtual Research Gallery:

  • David House (Computer Engineering Science) - "Metasurface Absorber for 24.125 GHz Using the Split Ring Resonator Metaparticle"
  • Paris Krause (Biology) - "Using Remote Aensing to Determine Aboveground Biomass of California Oak Species".