Graduate Program Guiding Policies

The policies listed below are either specific to graduate students or include elements that apply to graduate students as well as undergrads.

Academic Probation, Disqualification and Progress

Graduate students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 for all work completed to remain in good standing with the University.

Full text of Academic Standing, Disqualification and Progress policy

Continuous Enrollment Policy

Graduate students who have completed their coursework and who need additional time to work on their thesis or other final project must be enrolled each additional semester through one of the mechanisms specified in this policy, which is printed in the SSU catalog.

Full text of Continuous Enrollment policy

Graduate Level Writing Proficiency Requirement

In order to assure that graduate students possess the ability to communicate effectively in written English and the skills to write a thesis or comprehensive examination in a particular discipline, advancement to classified standing will be contingent upon fulfillment of departmentally administered review procedures which have been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Full text of Graduate Level Writing Proficiency Requirement policy

Human Subjects in Research

If a project or thesis, either directly or indirectly, involves humans in research, the student must seek approval from the Committee on the Rights of Human Subjects prior to initiating any activity with the subjects. There is human subject involvement when human
beings are asked to participate:

  • physically in an activity or to donate their tissue, organs, fluids, and other bodily material;
  • when information is sought from them directly (as through interview, questionnaire) or indirectly (as through observation);
  • when information concerning specific, individually identifiable human beings is asked for from third parties – whether through access to files, data banks, or other means – or through direct inquiry of third parties concerning the individuals in question.

Research proposals for which the question of human subject involvement is itself uncertain or ambiguous must be submitted for review. The Human Subjects application and detailed information on the review process can be downloaded from the ORSP website. Your application must be reviewed before you begin your research, and a copy of the approved protocol cover sheet should be included as an Appendix of the thesis/project. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is located in 1024 Stevenson Hall, 664-2448.

Full text of Human Subjects in Research policy

Thesis Course Enrollment Policy

(Policy under revision)

Theses/Projects, Public Nature

Full text of These/Projects, Public Nature policy

(more info coming soon)

Title 5: California Code of Regulations

The California Administrative Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 40510, specifies the minimum requirements for a master’s degree.  Please note that certain master’s programs may involve additional units and requirements above and beyond the state-mandated minimum.  

Full text of California Administrative Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 40510