Fourth Year

Prepare for Graduation & Beyond

Congratulations! You're in the homestretch of your final year and pretty soon, you’ll be graduating and setting off into the real world. Leaving SSU campus and starting your first internship, job or work experience can be challenging. But the lessons you’ve learned at SSU will help you build and succeed throughout your future. You might even find yourself relying on the little things unique to SSU that were special to your college experience. To reach your academic goals and future, now is the time to execute your master plan.

Prepare for Graduation

To ensure that you are ready to graduate, make an appointment with your Major Advisor to go over your program and determine when you will be ready to apply. It is also imortant to check your ARR (Academic Requirements Report), it will show you which requirements are remaining. Once you have determined that you are ready to graduate, you will need to apply by filling out the Graduation Application. For more detailed graduation information and for graduation FAQs and answers, visit the Office of the Registrar's graduation website

Make the Most of What SSU Offers

Take advantage of our career services, university library resources, writing center, faculty advisor mentoring, internship experiences, Center for Community Engagement and more. Explore these links to help make your fourth year the best possible one.

Thinking about Graduate School?

Sonoma State offers 15 different graduate programs! Make sure to check out the Graduate Studies website for more information.