Program Review Policy

Program Review Policy approved May 18, 2017

Program review maintains and strengthens Sonoma State through a wide-ranging examination of its academic programs, principles, and values. It is a process essential to student success, long-term planning, resource allocation, and other decision making within the university.

Some of the principles guiding this endeavor are the following:

  1. Program review is a process which offers a systematic analysis of the goals and performance of an academic unit based on both quantitative and qualitative evidence.

  2. The review process is interactive at all levels, with open, professional dialogue among all participants.

  3. Successful program review depends on faculty and academic staff's willingness to engage in and learn from the self-study process. The faculty of each department or program design their own assessment approaches, reflecting the singularity of the discipline, department culture, and student needs.

  4. Successful program review depends on adequate resources to engage in that review.

  5. Program review aligns with Sonoma State's strategic plan, CSU system policies, WSCUC standards, and the standards of professional accrediting bodies when relevant.