Learning and Academic Resource Center

The LARC is the central location for peer tutoring and academic support at SSU and provides services through three programs: the Writing Center, the Tutorial Program, and the Supplemental Instruction Program

Learn more about the LARC’s services for students and faculty on the LARC website

The LARC is dedicated to collaborating with faculty in our mutual efforts towards student academic success, student support, retention and graduation.  

Here are a few of the ways the LARC can support faculty at SSU: 

  • Provide syllabus language and a Canvas resource module to encourage your students to utilize tutoring and supplemental instruction. 
  • Attend your class to present about LARC’s peer support services. 
  • Design a workshop or presentation to support your curriculum and learning outcomes for your students.
  • Provide consultation about best practices in writing instruction.
  • Mutually coordinate and support student academic success. 

Please visit our Faculty Services page for more information. 

We invite you to read more about the LARC in the 2021-22 Annual Report